Monday, 24 March 2014

Mohammed Saeed Harib's Freej

Created by Dubai resident Mohammed Saeed Harib and running since 2006, Freej is a CGI television series about a quartet of elderly women. It has attracted quite a bit of attention in the English language media, with articles at Wikipedia, Thinkup News and The Economist, the last of these comparing it to The Simpsons because of its cross-generational appeal and grilling Harib on his inspirations:
In one of the classes at university our professor asked us to come up with a superhero "from your culture”. Before we had this oil infusion, our grandfathers used to go pearl diving for six to seven months. The female figures had to raise six to seven kids in a very harsh financial environment and climate. She used to teach the kids, she used to work, so she was the superhero. On top of that she looked very unique, thanks to the mask she was wearing. Hence my first character was born.
Some of the series can be viewed on YouTube (in Arabic).

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