Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Jamshid and Khorshid

Directed by Behruz Yaghmaian, the feature film Jamshid and Khorshid has been hailed by at least one viewer as "Iranian anime". From watching the trailer, it looks to me as though its main inspiration is 90s Disney animation, although there's a definite bit of anime influence in there too - and perhaps coincidentally, a trace of the Russian studio Soyuzmultfilm. The main character is, from what I can gather, a king from Iranian legend.

This article from Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting claims that the film is a response to the highly negative portrayal of the Persians in 300 - although as the same article makes the bizarre claim that 300 was funded by the US Department of Defence, it should be taken with a little salt...

According to WhatsUpIran the film came out in 2007, although most material about it that I've found online comes from 2009 or later.

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