Thursday, 27 February 2014

It's Ours by Avigdor Cohen

Avigdor Cohen is one of the Israeli animators mentioned in Bendazi's Cartoons, where he is identified as having been born in Vienna in 1920 and directing a 1979 film called Samson's Love. I was unable to find any further biographical information on him, but at least one of his shorts is available on YouTube (or so I'm guessing; due to the scanty information, I cannot say for certain if the is the same person, or a different man with the same name):

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  1. MARCO the Monkey...that followed Mish-Mish EFFENDI character by FRANKEL Bros. Even though Prof.DARWIN came to HIS conclusion and verdict about the origins of Human race as our ancestry species,still,Frankels didn^t name it MAYMOON or MIZO or any name that could have offended the others, even though those 2 names i mentioned were named in S A M I R & S I N D I B A D Egyptian children^s magazines in the 1950s as monkeys names?? as respect & also to avoid future unnecessary headaches?!MAYBE?? even though Marco or Mark turned into a cute little creature in few scenes, also the BAHEYA female character was inspired by then infamous Egyptian/JEW silver screen Superstar of the 1930>1950 late Madam RAQYAH IBRAHIM, as similarities are too apparent?!...& Finally Whoever/however/whatever they done it thing we can admit that the FRANKELs were geniuses of their age..CARTOONS^ HISTORY WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THEM and MISH-MISHEFFENDI WITH >>GREAT<<RESPECT!!From Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN/LONDON/