Saturday, 15 February 2014

Forgotten Israeli animators?

I've been continuing my reading of the sections on Middle Eastern animation in Bendazzi's Cartoons and again come across a few names who are mentioned in the book, but appear to have no substantial coverage online. Here is an excerpt from Bendazzi's writing on Israeli animation:
Arye Mambush, another singular talent, experimented with abstract cinema while working for educational children's films on commission. Ytzhak Yoresh, who began animating in 1964, produced a large number of educational and entertainment films such as King in Jerusalem (1969), on tourism; The Widow and Her Lawsuit Against the Wind (1971), based on a biblical story and The Goal is Production (1976), on economic problems.
Bendazzi goes on to namecheck a few independent Israeli animators, including Albert-Alain Kaminski, who was apparently born in Brussels in 1950 and directed films called Little Hirik (1979) and The Flower on Top of the World (1980).

Information on any of these filmmakers would be greatly appreciated.

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